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The Sutter Home & Hearth Team

Meet the folks that help you create memorable spaces and provide support for years to come.

Our Team of Experts

With a combined 165+ years of industry experience, our team is made up of dedicated salespeople, specialized technicians, seasoned installers, and hard-working support staff. These are the people that make Sutter great!


Close up portrait of Sutter Home and Hearth's sales manager, Dennis.
Sales Manager


I joined the Sutter team in 2021 and feel fortunate to be a part of a group that works together to solve problems and consistently strives for excellence. My favorite experiences center around working with my teammates to bring warmth and enjoyment to our clients' homes and their families. When I'm not spending my productive work days helping make fire, I enjoy building fires or grilling at home, spending time outdoors exploring the numerous treasures of the Pacific Northwest, and building or repairing things with my hands. A little known fact: I'm a licensed skydiver and an ordained minister, but rarely exercise either title.
Close up portrait of Sutter Home and Hearth's assistant sales manager, Megan.
Assistant Sales Manager


My name is Megan and I have been with Sutter Home and Hearth since 2017. I enjoy working on new and interesting projects and helping others with their design goals.
In my time here I have discovered a passion for grilling and cooking that I previously had no interest in.
I am a big fan of horror movies, tall shoes and cats.
Close up portrait of Sutter Home and Hearth's sales consultant, Johnathan.
Sales Consultant


I'm Johnathan. I have worked for Sutter Home and Hearth since the start of 2020. I like big flames, long fireplaces, and sparkles. If you need help finding options to match your home's aesthetics, I would love to help.

Installation & Estimating

Close up photo of a fox mural by Seattle artist Henry.
Installation Manager


I began working at Sutter in 2022 and enjoy helping customers build a happier home by providing knowledge and insight about fireplaces, grills, and accessories. In my free time I enjoy spending time outside in the PNW with my wife and golden retriever.
Close up photo of a rabbit mural by Seattle artist Henry.
Senior Installer


I started with Sutter in 1987 and throughout my time here I enjoy the problem-solving aspect of my job the most. Meeting new people, getting to see interesting homes and seeing a project come together are all highlights of being on install. I’m considered a music and film aficionado by my coworkers, and like to chat about some of my favorites or underrated options in my spare time.
Close up portrait of Sutter Home and Hearth's lead installer, Robin.
Senior Installer


I’ve been with the company since 2011 and I’ve always felt a sense of pride with getting to see the best views in Seattle. I look forward to getting to meet new and interesting people on the job. You may have seen me online before since a lot of our customers film my how-to instructions for their fireplaces, and even share them with their friends. Now you can put a face to a name!
Close up portrait of Sutter Home and Hearth's lead installer, Chad.
Lead Installer


I’m Chad and I originally started working at Sutter’s warehouse in 2017. Fast forward to now and I’m enjoying some incredible rooftop views over the Puget Sound as an installer. In my free time I like to grill on my Big Green Egg. I even had a chance to try a new recipe for smoked beef cheeks that turned out incredible! Outside of grilling you can find me skateboarding, or taking short walks on the beach.
Close up photo of a fox mural by Seattle artist Henry.
Install Assistant


I started with Sutter in 2022, and I’ve enjoyed traveling and taking in the sights while on install. It’s helped me to get to know the city as I recently moved to Seattle. I’ve always worked in a hands-on type of job, so Sutter was a great fit for me to continue in that field.
Close up photo of a rabbit mural by Seattle artist Henry.
Senior Estimator


I like warm weather and fire, and have been with Sutter since 2008. In my free time you will likely find me watching Premier League, or kicking a ball around. I’ve always been a fan of the outdoors and enjoy hikes in nice weather for some quiet time away from the city.
Close up portrait of Sutter Home and Hearth's estimator, Mike.
Lead Estimator


I’ve worked here for seven fun years and enjoy long walks on the beach! Besides the beach, I enjoy taking photos of the furry friends I meet onsite during estimates.
Close up portrait of Sutter Home and Hearth's lead service technician, Aaron.


I’ve worked for Sutter since October 2015. I really enjoy the sense of family that comes with our team. In my free time, I’m a musician and photographer. I’ve even started a trend at the office of sharing photos of some of the animals I meet while out in the field. It brings a lot of joy to myself and my coworkers, so if there is an opportunity for a friendly hello with your furry, feathered, or scaly friend I would love to do so!


Close up portrait of Sutter Home and Hearth's installer, Patrick.
Service Manager


I have been at Sutter Home and Hearth over 20 years. No matter what our background is or where we come from, Sutter Home has always been a place that is welcoming, accepting and supportive. I have enjoyed working alongside my teammates throughout the years as we and the company grow together. Some of my happiest moments have been seeing the excitement on a customer's face or hearing their joy over the phone as they are able to light their fireplace, fire pit or BBQ for either the first time, or the 10th time. At the end of the day, all anyone wants is knowing that someone will be there for them. Life has its ups and downs, but together we can get through anything. I am proud to be able to provide reliable support and help to not only our customers, but my fellow employees.
Close up portrait of Sutter Home and Hearth's service assistant, Austin.
Service Coordinator


I'm relatively green to the hearth industry, but more than excited for this new chapter with Sutter! The family environment here is second to none. When I'm not helping service fireplaces & grills, you can find me in a sound-treated room, writing music! If you see me around, don't be afraid to say hello!
Close up photo of a rabbit mural by Seattle artist Henry.
Assistant Service Coordinator


I'm a tried and true Texan, born and raised. When I was 15 I built a grill for my step-dad for Christmas, so it only seemed natural to check out Sutter when I moved to Washington. When I am not at work helping bring a warm hearted space into each family's home, I like reading and clothes shopping with friends.
Close up portrait of Sutter Home and Hearth's installer, Johnny.
Service Technician


I’m Johnny and ever since I started at Sutter in 2019 I’ve been lucky enough to bring good vibes and the gift of fire into people's homes. Not only do I get to see some interesting homes, I’ve even had clients introduce me to new art, like calligraffiti! When not at work I like to snowboard, and while Mavericks Park off the Brooks Express is my favorite run on Stevens Pass, I’d take a run on Whistler Blackcomb any day. If you see me, say hey! I’m just your friendly fireplace installer.
Close up portrait of Sutter Home and Hearth's service technician, Zach.
Service Technician


I’ve been with Sutter since 2020 and it almost seems like the puzzle pieces fell perfectly into place! I get to be hands-on with fire both on and off the clock whether servicing a gas fireplace, or building fire art that is even featured at Burning Man. I also love getting to meet customer’s dogs while on the job. My favorite has probably been an all white malamute that kept me company during the project.


Close up portrait of Sutter Home and Hearth's President, Daniel.


I have worked at Sutter since 2012 but I've been in this industry for my entire 20 plus year career. I've stayed in this industry and in small business because my day to day work, the interactions with other staff, and the interactions with our customers are much more authentic, more human. In short it's the people that have kept me here whether it be the wonderful people I work with at Sutter every day or the many wonderful people we get to serve as our customers.

I remember the grand reopening of our showroom in 2012. This was at the very beginning of my time with Sutter Home and so this event was planned and executed by my predecessors, John and Mike. It was an amazing event that had everything from a large community engagement including local press, respected members of our professional community participating in the event, and it was topped off by a live performance by the Sounders band. It taught me that Sutter had an amazing legacy, that it was important to so many people (not just the people who owned it or worked there), and that I had a lot to learn from my two former bosses and about the organization that they created.

Fun fact about me is that I've taken off in more airplanes than I've landed in! But what I enjoy the most is spending time with family and friends. If either of those are not available you may find me reading or working on a house project that I'm not qualified for (unless it's fireplace related of course). I also can be found snowboarding with my son at Stevens Pass or playing golf with whoever sees bad golf as being outweighed by good company.

Close up portrait of Sutter Home and Hearth's warehouse manager, Tom.
Warehouse Manager


I've worked at Sutter for about 3 years now. I think what I enjoy most about this company is almost the family feel I have with my coworkers. Give me some warm weather and a Big Green Egg and I'm a happy man!
Close up photo of a fox mural by Seattle artist Henry.
Warranty Admin Specialist


I have worked here for 21 years, but have actually been in the Hearth/BBQ business for 28 years. I have enjoyed watching the company grow and really like working with my fellow employees. I am a sports fanatic! I enjoy watching all sports, but you’ll for sure catch me rocking Blue Fridays come football season.
Close up photo of a rabbit mural by Seattle artist Henry.
Comptroller | Executive Admin


As Project Billing Coordinator, I’ll be there monitoring each progression of your installation to verify your project stays as true to estimate as possible.

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