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Shipping to Alaska & Hawaii

Sutter is committed to providing Alaskan and Hawaiian residents with access to the same wide range of hearth & BBQ products available on the mainland. After you find the right product, our team coordinates with your preferred shipping company to send your items safely to you across the Pacific!

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How it Works

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A salesperson will contact you and order your chosen products.

We will notify you when your products are ready for pick-up.

 After creating an account with your preferred shipping company, they will collect the products from our warehouse.

Your selected shipping company handles the rest!

Request Shipping to Alaska or Hawaii

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Why do you only ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

We are happy to provide products for these specific areas, as they are currently under-served by hearth retailers in comparison with our other neighboring states.

Do I pay you for shipping services or my selected shipping company?

You pay your selected shipping company for any shipping services. We only take payment for the products themselves, and inbound freight charges when applicable.

Can you deliver my product directly to a dock or terminal?

We do not deliver directly to any dock or terminal. Ask your selected shipping company for more information on how to coordinate pickup from our store.