Napoleon Prestige Pro Gas Grills

About This Product

With the Prestige Pro series you get the best of both worlds; a luxurious all-in-one cooking system in a functional and practically priced package. An infrared sear burner and rotisserie are included to accommdate any cooking style like veggies, steak, chicken and more. Choose from 3 sizes to best fit your cooking needs, from large gatherings to a cozy night at home. The stainless steel construction makes the Prestige Pro ideal for our PNW enviroment and includes many features to make your grilling experience that much better. Like the heavy dute wave grates which increase surface area for those coveted grill marks, or the interior lighting for grilling year round! Don’t forget, the knobs change color as well, a great tool to know at a glance whether your grill is still on. Napoleon grills are available in both natural gas or propane options. Check our stock and give us a call today!

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