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Full Line Charcoal Grills


I have had my Summit Grill for About a week. I went to go look at it with no intent to buy, but wanted to touch it. After 30 minutes of Reading some info on the grill, I decide to do something that would change my grilling experience forever. The Gentleman at the store almost didn’t believe me when I said ” I will take it and i have a Truck on its Way “. I am proud owner of 6 year old Weber Performer & WSM 22.5. I use my Performer 2 or 3 times a week and I love it. My Weber Smokey Mountain is more of Party Cooker and anytime I have people coming over I I smoke a Pork Butt, Ribs etc due the amount I can Cook at once. Both of the these Weber Products Work Great !First, the Snap Jet System is something nobody offers with there Premium Grills. Second, One touch System is another Weber exclusive that makes Grilling so easy and Convenient. Third, Stainless Steel gives it high end look with Functionality. Fourth, Fuel Grate for Coals has 2 different Positions. These are some of the features that I believe set this Grill Apart. Also the WOW factor when someone sees it for first Time is a Special Moment. I grilled all week and it has work above my Expectations. I seem to not use as many coals as I did with my Performer which does save some money. I can start grilling faster due to the Snap jet & Rapid Fire Lid Damper. I smoked some Baby Back ribs on Sunday and this was my big game changer. I only use 2 scoops of charcoals for a 6 hour cook. The Ribs Were Amazing !!! The Summit held temp great through out the Cook and both vents were very responsive while adjusting temp during the cook. If you are Serious about a Grilling and or Smoking and if You are looking for an upgrade then this might be the Grill for you. This grill will change what & how you grill. You will not regret this Purchase !!!! Thanks Weber For making such a Outstanding grill for us GRILLMASTERS.


I needed a grill to cook for three people and my propane grill was crapping out. I got this grill as a birthday present and a hint to ditch the propane once and for all! This is the perfect size for the basics – burgers, dogs, steaks, chops. So far very durable and the food has always tasted great! However, I’ve been cooking some more advanced Weber’s grilling recipes and the size of the grill is just too small for extended burns (adding extra hot coals) and use of a drip pan (I had to custom-make one) for indirect heat cooking. Don’t get me wrong, I was able to do everything I had to with this grill, but now I can appreciate the advantages of a larger grill with more useful features. That said, I have grilled up some incredible tasting food with this grill (See my reviews on the stacked baby back ribs and the cider simmered bratwurst). The 22″ model seems to be my next logical step as I take my grilling skills to the next level, but this will be my grill when I need a quick no-frills burger or dog.


This grill has been a pleasure right from the assembly. My past experience with cheaper grills, beside their short lives, has been the horrible assembly. Poor designs, confusing instructions, and missing parts have made me apprehensive and has kept me from buying a new grill for several years.

I am happy to say that the Weber Master Touch has saved me from my past experiences. The instructions were easy to fallow and all the parts were broken into several bags that followed each step. One bag per step. Most of all, all of the parts required were there! It was actually a quick and enjoyable process to assemble this grill.

Within a few hours of purchasing, my family and I were enjoying hamburgers and corn on the cob cooked on my brand new Master Touch. I can’t wait to use it again. Maybe some chicken breast next.

Next year I’m adding a Smoky Mountain to my patio cooking experience.


I have had a Weber silver kettle grill for about 10 or more years. In the last five years we have started grilling alot more types of foods so when my bride came outside and saw me using a folding chair as the table for the hundreth time, she said its time to upgrade. I did not argue. The only brand for me and my wallet was a Weber performer. American made on an American budget goes hand in hand. Still cooks like my silver (which still sits right next to the performer and gets used often for sides or if we want a different temp to cook at), but having a work table is SO nice to have. The best accessory I bought for this grill as for my silver was a cover. Keep your investment protected people and it will stay in your backyard for years. My kids will remember dad grilling breakfast, lunch and dinners with them or while they played and that my friends, is the Weber experience. Happy grilling!


My first outing with this Big Boy was to cook for 30+ people. I guava smoked a large bison meatloaf, grilled about 10#’s of veggies, 10 shrimp skewers, and over 18#’s of rib eye steaks almost at the same time! No one had to wait for their food and everything came out perfect! I’m already planning the next event which will be an “Endless Summer” clambake that I know will be a breeze because of the amount of cooking real-estate the Weber Kettle has.

Couple of things that lower the rating: 1. The grill was delivered with a defective wheel which keeps falling off when I roll it into storage; 2. There is no factory cover for this beast but I found an outdoor patio table cover that fits almost perfect from Lowe’s; 3. The price is a high even though the grill is huge. You can buy two 26” Weber grills for much less but I knew what the price was when I ordered it so that one is on me.



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