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How it Looks:

  • Exceptional air wash system keeps glass clean
  • Dual-burn design creates longer and more complete burns
  • Heat radiating ceramic glass provides maximum warmth
  • Cast iron double doors with cool-to-touch handle
  • Seamlessly constructed firebox maximizes efficiency and heat output
  • Classic andirons for convenience and ambience

How it Works:

  • Single load of wood providing warmth up to 8 hours
  • EPA Certified, providing an environmentally friendly and clean burn
  • Temperature sensitive blower automatically turns on and off
  • Simple single draft rod for heat adjustment
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This high efficiency EPA certified wood fireplace puts a designer face on a hard working heater.  Delivering up to 70,000 BTU of high efficiency heat, your Regency will burn for up to 8 hours while your rest.

Backed by the industry’s most comprehensive Limited Lifetime Warranty.


5.00 out of 5

1 review for Regency Classic R90

  1. Ross

    I bought this fireplace locally, but struggled to find relevant reviews. Posting my review here in case others stumble across it.

    The fireplace is great. I finished building my new home in 2016, so we’re just starting our second season of burning wood in Charlotte, NC. It has been around 30 degrees at night and 60 during the day, so it’s chilly in the house in the mornings. I burn about 4 red oak logs during the day and it warms the house to 73-74 degrees, then cools off again overnight. I sweep the ash into the ash drawer and start again every morning. The fireplace retains a lot of heat and the blower continues to blow warm air 3-4 hours after the fire has gone out, which is handy.

    When we get into winter, I’ll be burning wood all day/night. If I load up the fireplace at night, the blower is still running when I wake up in the morning. The blower has a thermostat on it, so it only runs when the fireplace is hot. Burning wood for 24 hours leaves me with more ash than will fit in the ash drawer, so I scoop the ash and put it in a metal bucket during the colder winter days. The ash drawer is very convenient though if you’re only burning wood for half of the day.

    The glass door does get dirty, but it’s easy to clean every 6 weeks or so with a razor and a glass top stove (range) polish. That has been the only maintenance needed so far.

    My house is 2600sq ft and the fireplace is in the center of the house. It heats the whole house. I would 100% buy this fireplace again.

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