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ORTAL has changed the way to think about and appreciate fireplaces.

They were the first to develop “cool-wall” technology making it easier to design simple wall finishes that don’t require special materials.  In addition the design protects art, electronics and  paint finishes from heat.

They have developed a variety of stock shapes and sizes giving you the choice of size, appearance and location in your structure.  Their sleek and simple lines make the result a striking architectural element.  The addition of their “power-vent” system allows for the chimney termination to be as much as 110’ away from the fireplace.  

A broad choice of fire designs allow you to mix and match materials like glass, ceramic stones and logs.  

Their design advantages extend beyond their 120 + stock models to custom designs too.  Best of all their fireplaces are extremely efficient and provide heat as well as a unique and lasting centerpiece to any location.  Their sophisticated operational controls give you flexibility for manual or thermostatic operation and a wide range of flame control.


Ortal Front Facing

Beautifully integrated into walls and architectural elements, Ortal’s front-facing fireplaces make this traditional positioning extraordinary.

Ortal Corner

Wide or narrow, cozy or imposing, corner fireplaces are ideal and flexible architectural solutions that bring focus to any space.

Ortal Three Sided

Our built-in three-sided fireplaces are architecturally stunning fire elements that are enjoyed from multiple vantage points.

Ortal Space Creator

Ortal’s Space Creator is a visually stunning way to separate living spaces while maintaining an expansive look and free flow.

Ortal Tunnel Series

With exposure and visibility from both sides, tunnel fireplaces are encased in walls or columns, dividing living spaces with style and efficiency. Creating and emitting warmth and beauty in two separate areas, tunnel units can also be used as a dual interior/exterior solution.

Ortal Stand Alone

Ortal has a wide range of free-standing fireplaces, an ideal solution to adding a fireplace to any space with minimal disruption.

Ortal Island & Curve 

Unique and stunning, both Ortal’s Island and Curve Fireplaces stand alone from the rest. Magnificent craftsmanship along with high heat output set Ortal apart from the rest.

Ortal Traditional

The other side of Ortal, a fireplace that fits perfectly into any room traditional or modern. 

Ortal Large Fireplaces

Ortal likes to goes above and beyond in every category with these fireplaces. They’re beautiful, sleek and designed to make any space light up.









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