Cooking with Gas

The time for outdoor living and barbecuing is upon us.  Not only are we seeing and smelling the blossoms of spring, but the smell and sizzle of the grill is starting to waft through our neighborhoods.

In his book Cooked,  Michael Pollan spells out the connection between our ability to cook food and our evolution as a species.  Of course the elemental form of this cooking is over a fire.  There is a reason we react to the smell of smoked and barbecued food – it  triggers an almost primal response that activates our taste buds and conjures images of good food, good friends and relaxing on the deck or patio under a warm sky.

After a rain-soaked winter our desire to be outside is only exceeded by our desire to fire-up the grill and enjoy our well-deserved time in the sun.  Both at home and here at Sutter Home & Hearth we are barbecuing and smoking everything from Roasts and Ribs to Russets and Radicchio.   If you’re yearning for something simple and delicious think about a roast chicken on the rotisserie or “drunk” chicken on your charcoal grill.  If you’re feeling more adventurous try Bobby Flay’s Paella  on your ceramic smoker.

Over the course of the Spring and Summer we will be grilling here at the store on Saturdays. We will feature Twin Eagles and Delta Heat gas grills, Green Egg and Kamado Joe ceramic smokers, Green Mountain pellet grills, Weber gas and charcoal grills (including the new Weber Summit Charcoal) as well as Solaire  infra-red  barbecues.  We’ll be hosting special events during the months of late May on through Mid July.  

While both men and women like to grill, I am always reminded of a British friend of ours who was amazed at the whole world of barbecue.  She deemed it the greatest invention by American Women.  “Not only does it get men to do the cooking,” she said,

“But it gets them to do it outside!”



March 21, 2017

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    • We have looked other places at logs and we felt that they had the best prices and quality that we had seen.  The salesperson was helpful and informative.  The logs looked great in our living room.
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    • We have a really small fireplace and were looking for a way to convert it to gas.  All other companies laughed at us given the size of the fireplace opening, but Sutter was really helpful and gave us some suggestions on where to find one that might fit.  We found one, they ordered it and installed it.  They also gave us great advice on a mason to help adjust some of the masonry work needed before the install.  Our new gas insert looks great, really warms up our living room in the winter and is a great focal point for the house.
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    • Shawn, the office manger, was very helpful.  I went to every single place I could find and the price was comparable.  They have a more local store feel than the huge stores.
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